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TeleGNOME is a program for the GNOME Networked Object Model Environment, to display teletext pages over the internet. As of this moment, the teletext feeds from various countries. It was originally developed to support the teletext from the Netherlands only, but it has grown in a program which supports multiple teletext feeds, called channels. To view which feeds are known to work, visit the channels page. The program is kept quite simple, but it is very usefull, hopefully. Never load up that large slow web browser again to view teletext!

TeleGNOME is released under the GNU General Public License, as described in the file COPYING. The project was started by Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, but as of March 2000 I, Arjan Scherpenisse, am maintaining and extending it. You can see the ChangeLog of this project, right here.

To file a bug report or to subscribe to the mailing list, you should visit the TeleGNOME project page on sourceforge.


May 1, 2000

From now on, TeleGNOME is available from the gnome cvs server. So if you want to get the newest telegnome stuff, you should do the following to check a copy of CVS telegnome out:

cvs -z3 -d telegnome

April 29, 2000

Debian packages for TeleGNOME 0.0.10 have been made by Joop Stakenborg. He's an official Debian developper, and he announced that the program will be in the next debian release. Happy happy joy joy ;-)

The RPM is available too. Go quickly to the downloads section

April 24, 2000

TeleGNOME 0.0.10 is released. The only changes are this time: some UI improvements, move up/down buttons for channels in the prefs, and GdkPixbuf 0.0.7 support.

A new channel, called TextTV Danmark is added to the channels page. Just go there and insert it in your TeleGNOME.

April 10, 2000

TeleGNOME 0.0.9 is released. The widget bug from previous version has been fixed, finally :) There's channel support now, too. A list of available channels is online, and the .debs and the RPM versions of will be made soon.

April 5, 2000

TeleGNOME 0.0.8 is released. However, it is not stable so end users will probably prefer to stick to 0.0.7 for a while. The GdkPixbuf widget still has one nasty bug. Download the tarball here.

April 3, 2000

The 0.0.8 release of TeleGNOME will use GdkPixbuf. GdkPixbuf is not yet in a stable release, but it will go stable when it ships with April Gnome, which is due to any {day,week} now.

I have built RPM's for TeleGNOME. They are built from the .deb's using the program alien, and they are not yet tested on a RedHat system. The .deb's are reported to work fine, however, so there should be no remarkable problems. Get the RPM from the downloads section.

The news archive

The news archive is accessible here.


You can download TeleGNOME right here. If you are running Debian, you can download the .deb package. Likewise, if you are running Redhat it is advised to download the RPM.

If you're on slackware or if you're just a compiling freak, go download the tarball with the source code.


Debian packages:



What would a self-respecting program be without a screenshot or two these days... Well, here they are. Featured are the main screen, the main screen in zoomed mode and a screenie of preferences window.


To compile TeleGNOME, you need all of the following:

  • A running *nix machine, with some X server installed
  • An ANSI C Compiler. TeleGNOME is known to work with the latest gcc (2.95.x), with gcc 2.7.x and with egcs.
  • Development versions of GTK+ and GLib, version 1.2.
  • A development version of Gnome-libs, the program is known to work with gnome-libs 1.0.56. As usual, your mileage may vary.
  • Gnome-http (or libghttp as it is called on my debian box).
  • Note: for version 0.0.8 and higher, gdk-pixbuf is required instead of imlib.

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